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Parent Resource for TutoringThe Importance Of English In Children’s Life

As a subject, standard English is crucial for children to learn. For young children, learning English as soon as possible will help them with reading, basic math and communication skills. For older children, possessing proper English skills will enable them to understand more complex literary pieces and to write effectively. Empowering your children to learn proper English will help them go farther in life and achieve more. Proper English is vital in the business world. If you can’t speak it or write it, you risk appearing ignorant and unintelligent. If your children do not possess proper English skills, you might as well forget about them ever truly succeeding in the business world. Being able to communicate intelligently means doing so with the use of proper grammar and pronunciation. Nowadays, it is standard English that enables people all across the globe to communicate with one another. English is one of the predominant languages used in the global marketplace today.

Children begin to vocalize words from what they hear their caretakers saying and the sounds that they hear in the environment in which they live. Children today are not always exposed to standard English, either because they are surrounded by foreign-speaking parents or their environment is not conducive to it. Children, therefore, have to rely on their school teachers to teach them standard English. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. With the overcrowding of our classrooms, teachers tend not to “constantly” correct the mispronunciation of words or they allow slang to be used too often. Some teachers simply do not pay enough attention to proper usage of the English language, and thus, children are unable to learn standard English. Moreover, some of the teachers in the classrooms today fail to utilize proper pronunciation and grammar skills themselves when teaching our children. So, what can parents do when their children need help in learning standard English?


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Professional English Tutors Can Help

Whether or not you as a parent speak standard English in your home and try to help your children to do the same, you may still need help. Today, more and more parents are turning to English tutors to help their children with their English skills. Qualified Southern California tutors not only provide English tutoring, but they encourage and motivate children so that they achieve success in school and in pursuit of careers. English tutors can provide the individualized attention children need to grasp proper English skills. Many parents view English tutoring as a way to improve their children’s grades. While this can be accomplished with a qualified tutor, it is but only one of the benefits of hiring an English tutor for children. Tutors can help children build confidence and improve their communication skills, which will enable them to achieve career goals. Whether your children need to improve their grades, just want to get ahead or are under-challenged at school, English tutoring can provide them with the skills and the opportunity to attain high academic goals and to enjoy learning more.

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